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Poland - Trade & Invest - Guide for Investors

Wyślij Print Pobierz added: Tomasz Chałupa | 2016-02-19 11:28:35
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Poland – the land of opportunities


Poland has become a relative winner of the global financial crisis and may now, in the post crisis years, offer a product which has lately been in a short supply - economic stability. Numerous companies which until lately have not seen Poland as priority investment location started to take serious interest in the Polish market.

As an attractive and stable economic partner, Poland offers good conditions for the development of entrepreneurship, thus enjoying growing export levels and attracting foreign investors. Global corporations tend to choose Poland for their new European investments. We are constantly improving business conditions for them. Recent years have witnessed changes not only in the volume of foreign investments in Poland, but also in their structure and motives.

Poland is growing in the services sector. Investors focus on knowledge-based industries, such as shared services and R&D centers, and specialized ICT services. The majority of companies investing in Poland are in the Business Process Outsourcing (BPO) industry, which has recently become a Polish domain. While in the previous decade Poland was chosen primarily as a site for call centers, today business centers provide complex financial and management processes requiring qualifications in stock exchange operations, finance, marketing and IT services.

The second most popular sector among foreign investors is the automotive industry. Poland is perceived throughout Europe as a leader in automotive parts and accessories manufacturing, and its share of total production is growing steadily, along with the innovative nature of our production plants. We owe this both to foreign investors in Poland and to local entrepreneurs who are becoming major exporters. The secret behind our success? To a large degree it is the excellent collaboration of Polish companies with foreign investors, global corporations or SME.

Moreover, investment incentives play an important role. They include special economic zones offering preferential conditions – exemption from income taxes and specially developed infrastructures. Their managing companies support the entire investment process, e.g. facilitating contact with central or local government authorities in such scopes as the purchase of land for investment projects. Some new investors have already benefited from the Programme for Supporting Investments of Major Importance to the Polish Economy for 2011-2020. Support is provided to entrepreneurs investing in the following priority industries: automotive, electronics, aviation, biotechnology, modern services, R&D and food processing, and also to those planning significant investments in other industries.

Our brand and position also benefit from our professional and well qualified human resources. We are among the best-educated European nations. One out of ten university students in Europe is Polish. Well-educated economists, engineers, IT specialists and researchers are highly valued by IT or R&D companies, the number of which is consistently growing in Poland. Polish people learn languages and quickly adapt to new working conditions. Poland’s excellent human resources are the asset most often cited by foreign investors. Other strengths include the size and stability of our market, the largest in Central-Eastern Europe. With its 38 million consumers, Poland is a member of the EU, WTO and NATO, an undisputed political and economic leader in the region. Poles have learnt a lot from foreign investors. Besides the inward capital flow and new jobs, foreign investment translates into the transfer of modern technologies and management methods - a new work culture. We can repay this debt by offering a friendly environment to investors.

To get more information about investment opportunities in Poland please visit e-database:


The article was published by the Trade and Investment Section of Polish Embassy in Oslo. The main goal of our activity is to encourage the economic cooperation between Poland and Norway. We help Norwegian and Polish companies to establish business relations by providing information on Polish companies, business organizations, governmental institutions and local authorities in Poland, Polish market, Polish economy and business opportunities. We also identify potential business partners as well as provide general information on doing business in Poland.


On the base of our experience and wide range of business contacts in Poland, we provide information and assistance on:

  • business and investment opportunities in Poland,
  • Polish manufacturers and suppliers,
  • suitable business partners in different industries,
  • tax regulations,
  • customs regulations,
  • labor market,
  • trade fairs and exhibitions,
  • statistical data


In close cooperation with Polish and Norwegian organizations we:

  • promote bilateral initiatives aiming at stimulation of economic co-operation between the two countries;
  • initiate and co-organize seminars and conferences on investment and business possibilities in Poland on the economic situation, legal matters and related topics;
  • organize meetings between Norwegian and Polish companies seeking foreign partners in trade and investments (matchmaking);
  • co-organize Polish trade missions to Norway;


In our promotion plan for 2016 we will support Polish companies at the following exhibitions in Norway:


  1. Sjoen for Alle Exhibition – 9-13 of March, Norges Varemesse, Lillestroem, more info:
  2. Eliaden – 31 May - 2 June, Norges Varemesse, Lillestroem, more info:
  3. Oslo Design Fairs – 1-4 of September, Norges Varemesse, Lillestroem, more info:
  4. VVS-Dagene – 19-21 of October, Norges Varemesse, Lillestroem, more info:


Furthermore, we are going to organize additional promotion events like seminars and business missions for both - Polish companies interested in entering local market and Norwegian investors seeking a good place to locate their capital. To get more information about incoming events please visit our website



Trade & Investment Promotion Section

Embassy of The Republic of Poland in Oslo

Uranienborg Terrasse 11

0351 Oslo

Tel: +47 88 60 24 48

+48 22 219 72 74







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