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Cooperation opportunities

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SIP ZPCH - SIP Co-Operative Company

Spółdzielnia SIP - SIP Co-Operative Company is a medium-sized company, active since 1950. We operate mainly in the metal industry, employing self-sufficient technological facilities and a competent crew. Our customers are offered a complete service, from the stage of product design, right through batch production to the delivery to the designated location. Add : Anna Woińska | 13.04.2018 Offer, sell, cooperation, metal industry, pos systems, display racks, SIP ZPCH, SIP Co-Operative Company, Krosno, Poland, sip, sip.krosno

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Bioenergy Farm Stanowice Sp. z o.o.

The Administrator of Bioenergy Farm Stanowice Sp. z o.o. calls for cooperation proposals regarding the use of a biomass power plant with a thermal capacity of 4.6 MW and a power generation capacity of 0.9 MW as well as a lowtemperature belt dryer. Add : Łukasz Ptak | 23.03.2017 Bioenergy, farm, Poland

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Hotel Mercure in Bydgoszcz for sell

Please find attached an offer of a 4-star hotel in Bydgoszcz for sell Add : Migracja WPHI OSLO | 29.05.2015

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Polish Investment Group GRUPA AZOTY Zakłady Azotowe "Puławy" S.A

Attractive situated investment region in Poland. Add : Łukasz Ptak | 29.11.2016 Cooperation, offer

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Sanpol Sp. z o.o.

Investment opportunity Add : Migracja WPHI OSLO | 28.01.2015

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Polish municipality is looking for possible business partners for the construction of the House of Old Age Add : Migracja WPHI OSLO | 22.01.2015

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Metalmix S.C.

Metalmix S.C. seeking an investor. Add : Migracja WPHI OSLO | 02.10.2014

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Other databases with sales leads.

There are other Internet databases of offers and sales leads which provide possibilities of finding a business partner and on-line registering of your offers and enquiries. Add : Migracja WPHI OSLO | 26.09.2014

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If you are an importer don't miss this unique database containing concrete offers for exports from Poland. Add : Migracja WPHI OSLO | 26.09.2014

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Dolzamet Chains Factory for sale

Dolzamet Chains Factory is looking for an investor. The plant specializes in zinc plating, quenching and chain production. Add : Migracja WPHI OSLO | 24.06.2014

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Attractive developed property with a training and leisure center, with direct...

The Lubuskie Province offers for sale an attractive developed property with a training and leisure center, with direct access to the Nieslysz lake Add : Migracja WPHI OSLO | 06.06.2014

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The Privatisation of Port of Gdansk Cargo Logistics S.A.

Port of Gdansk Authority SA having its registered office in Gdansk extends this invitation to negotiate the acquisition of shares inPort of Gdansk Cargo Logistics SA having its registered office in Gdansk Add : Migracja WPHI OSLO | 29.04.2014

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Atractive investment plots in the city of Grudziądz

Location: Special Economic Zone and Grudziądz Industrial Park Add : Migracja WPHI OSLO | 24.04.2013

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The database of the Public Private Partnership (PPP) Projects in Poland

The PPP Projects Database contains information concerning planned, ongoing, and completed projects. Add : Migracja WPHI OSLO | 09.01.2013

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Newly renovated storage/production hall for sale or rent

Storage/production hall for sale or rent Add : Migracja WPHI OSLO | 06.12.2012

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Investment plots in Special Economic Zone

Tarbobrzeg Special Economic Zone offers attractive investment plots Add : Migracja WPHI OSLO | 03.10.2012

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New investment opportunities

Investment plots and resorts in attractive location of Poland Add : Migracja WPHI OSLO | 28.09.2012

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Polish Company offers any type of large space for rent

Polish Company offers any type of large space for rent Add : Migracja WPHI OSLO | 31.08.2012

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Ostrowek city - an attractive commercial and industrial estate

An attractive commercial and industrial estate near Warsaw (50 km a site) Add : Migracja WPHI OSLO | 23.08.2012

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Industrial site in the Polnsk city/Poland

The owner of the atractive industrial site seeks for investor. Proposals for cooperation: · Sale · Business Partnership Add : Migracja WPHI OSLO | 27.04.2012

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Centrum likwidacji szkód powypadkowych

Miałeś wypadek albo stłuczkę i nie wiesz co zrobić? Nic straconego! Nasz zespół zajmie się Twoim ...
Polska - Pilzno 2021-10-21 Added:Omega Trucks Transport and logistics, Other transport equipment, Parts and accessories See offer

Zlewy i zlewozmywaki do twojej kuchni - SINK Quality

Nowoczesny design oraz najwyższa jakość zlewów granitowych – poznaj markę Sink Quality. Pasują on...
Polska - Siekierki Wielkie 2021-10-19 Added:Sink Quality Interior See offer

Kancelaria Radcy Prawnego Jarosław Baraniak

Kancelaria Radcy Prawnego Jarosława Baraniaka służy pomocą w zakresie usług prawnych. Każda spraw...
Polska - ŁÓDŹ 2021-10-18 Added:Jarosław Baraniak Counseling / consulting / education See offer

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