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International Debt Collection / legal services

ICG offers debt collection in Poland as well in other European countries. At present we operate permanently in 50 countries by way of 76 Offices around the world. Add : Migracja WPHI OSLO | 09.06.2015

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Grawer Group S.C

Grawer Group S.C. has specialized in the manufacturing of data plates, boards, signboards, control panels for appliances and all sorts of markings, etc. since 2006 Add : Migracja WPHI OSLO | 09.06.2015

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Polish company operating on the European HVAC market. Add : Migracja WPHI OSLO | 19.05.2015

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Polish pharmaceutical company Add : Migracja WPHI OSLO | 18.05.2015

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International e-commerce marketplace Add : Migracja WPHI OSLO | 18.05.2015

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We are looking for business partners - distributors of bakery machines and equipment, also bread and pastry manufacturers and small family bakery shops Add : Migracja WPHI OSLO | 15.05.2015

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MEMO CONSULTING provides highly effective professional services to foreign companies interested in entering Poland and developing commercial or investment relationships in Poland Add : Migracja WPHI OSLO | 15.05.2015

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Our company has been honored by the tourists visiting Gdańsk for the excellent support and service. We were awarded with the prize by the global leader of booking hotels and apartments, company. Add : Migracja WPHI OSLO | 24.04.2015

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Stone Industry Fair

On 18-21 November 2015, the next edition of STONE Stone Industry Fair will be held in Poznań (Poland). This event is a window to Central and Eastern Europe for the industry. Add : Migracja WPHI OSLO | 17.04.2015

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Zbyszko Company Sp. z o.o.

We specialise in producing soft drinks, non-alcoholic beverages, flavoured water and spring water Add : Migracja WPHI OSLO | 09.04.2015

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My Poland

Sales and promotion of original Polish handicraft Add : Migracja WPHI OSLO | 25.03.2015

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Click-Pack Sp.z o.o

Modern, polish manufacturer of the high quality, transparent packaging Add : Migracja WPHI OSLO | 20.03.2015

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Cornette Underwear

Underwear for whole family Add : Migracja WPHI OSLO | 13.03.2015

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Consultancy services for commercial companies Add : Migracja WPHI OSLO | 05.03.2015

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Innova Labs

Innova Labs is a European manufacturer owning its success to more than 30 years of sales experience as well as over 20 years of experience in herbal manufacturing. Add : Migracja WPHI OSLO | 05.03.2015

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Decoration for occasional events - production and sale Add : Migracja WPHI OSLO | 04.03.2015

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Polish fruits producer. Add : Migracja WPHI OSLO | 03.03.2015

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Expom S.A.

Polish steel company Add : Migracja WPHI OSLO | 26.02.2015

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Polixel Sp. z o.o.

Veteran of Integrated Security & Surveillance Solution provider Add : Migracja WPHI OSLO | 12.02.2015

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Warsaw International Healthcare Exhibition

The only event on this scale in Warsaw Add : Migracja WPHI OSLO | 10.02.2015