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Dual Fuel Systems sp. z o.o.

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Polish distributor of the innovative gas injection system – SOLARIS DIESEL DUAL FUEL

Dual Fuel Systems sp. z o.o. is Polish distributor of the innovative gas injection system – SOLARIS DIESEL DUAL FUEL. It is the world’s first dual fuel system which gives you full control over Diesel and CNG/LPG consumption through automatic calibration, remote monitoring, diagnostics and settings modification, and much more.

Our system can be used in any forms of transportation with Diesel engine, started with regular cars and trucks through heavy trucks, buses, trains and finally all kind of construction vehicles. There is no limits for our product!

The essence of the system is partial replacement (20-50%) of Diesel with gas (LPG or CNG). Thanks to this addition, Diesel is burnt almost in 100%, which is impossible in normal circumstances. At the same time amount of solid particles, NOX and CO2 emitted with fumes is being reduced.

Implementation of SOLARIS DIESEL DUAL FUEL system don’t interfere with original construction of an engine, is completely automatized, independent and allows individual attunement to vehicles requirements. Its exploitation is trouble-free and gives financial benefits, reducing cost of fuel.

As the only one in its category, our system allows remote control and tracking of system and driver work. Automation of calibration process removes the need of manual adjusting complex maps of gas injection or long tests rides. Malfunctions can be controlled and repaired by technician in a vehicle even hundreds of kilometers away from workshop.

SOLARIS DIESEL DUAL FUEL is perfect solution for cargo transport and construction industry, public transport, railway transport (internal combustion locomotives) or passenger-cargo ferries. Since 2014 the technology is used mainly in transport and logistics companies (for example TSL sp. z o.o. – over 40 vehicles).



• Remote diagnostics and system calibration.

• Monitoring of driver.

• Reducing of solid particles, NOX and CO2.

• Partial replacement of expensive diesel fuel with much cheaper LPG/CNG gas.

• Reduction of fuel costs up to 20%.

• No need of expensive and time-consuming test rides.


The lack of consistent and relevant results of Diesel and gas consumption did not allow for a full evaluation of the vehicle’s performance. Operation of the gas injection system and economic effects do not depend anymore on individual skills of the installer, but are a result of automated computer calculations based on more than 90 parameters read from the diesel fuel supply and other components of the vehicle. As the world’s only gas injection solution, our system comes with a patented electronic module that provides eco-driving support for vehicles equipped with a dual fuel system, which increases the power and torque of the engine. Thanks to our solution vehicles become more cost-effective immediately after installation, and not as previously after two or three calibrations.

By choosing our solution vehicles become more environment friendly, even if they already comply to EURO 6 emission rules, which helps protect the environment and create an ecologic  image of the company. As the only dual fuel solution, SOLARIS DIESEL DUAL FUEL has been tested for emissions of CO2, NOX and solid particles by the Polish Institute of Road Transport and Poznan University of Technology. The gas injection system has all necessary approvals of the Polish Ministry of Transport, Construction and Maritime Economy for all vehicle categories, including ADR and TÜV approvals as well.

Summary, Solaris Diesel Dual Fuel system is known not only in boundaries of home market in Poland, but also in countries which already convinced themselves to better and greener system. We are working with countries like: Belgium, Belarus, Canada, Czech Republic, Finland, Georgia, Kazakhstan, Malta, Russian Federation, Spain, Ukraine and the United States which are interested in ecological aspect of our solution. This experience is confirmed by over 3000 installations Gas + Diesel all over the world.


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